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Labour press team deny Mail on Sunday Scots border guards story via Twitter

Labour’s press team took to Twitter to deny today’s Mail on Sunday splash claiming leader Ed Miliband has pledged to “put guards on Scottish border” in the event of a Yes vote in the independence referendum.

Dispute: The Mail on Sunday splash

The front page prompted immediate debate on Twitter, and the @labourpress account quickly took to the social media platform to call the story “ridiculous”.

According to the Mail on Sunday story, when Miliband was asked whether he would introduce border guards and passport checks in the event of independence if he was prime minister, he said: “It would have to be looked at.”

The denial from Labour came as a YouGov poll showed the Yes side in front for the first time less than two weeks before the referendum vote.

The poll, commissioned by the Sunday Times, put Yes on 51 per cent compared to No’s 49 per cent when undecided voters were excluded. With the seven per cent of undecided voters included, the figures were 47 per cent for Yes and 46 per cent for No.