By Gillian West | Social media manager

September 4, 2014 | 1 min read

The real star of Knight Rider - KITT - is overcome with jealousy when David Hasselhoff installs Samsung’s latest gadget ‘Smart Home’ in this brilliant advert from the tech giant.

The comic 2-minute long advert sees KITT going out of his way to disrupt Hasslehoff as he tries to promote the connected home device.

With the heyday of the television show some 30 years ago, the creative gets in on the joke when Hasslehoff tries to flirt with the attractive boom operator only to be met with the response ‘I think my dad might have mentioned it’.

In the end KITT proves no match for Samsung as Hasslehoff foils his plans for a quick getaway.

Samsung Knight Rider David Hasselhoff

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