Infographic: Bloggers work for 2 years and 8 months before deciding to monetise

The average blogger works on their blog for two years and eight months before they decide to turn to affiliates to make money, new research from Optimus Performance Marketing has found.

The company conducted the research of 2,043 UK bloggers after revealing that successful UK bloggers make an average of £906 a year by introducing affiliate sales and commission to their websites.

On average, bloggers surveyed have 285 followers/subscribers with approximately 18 interactions/comments on their blog a day.

Mark Russell, CEO of Optimus Performance Marketing, said: “After the findings generated from our previous study of bloggers making commission through affiliate activity, we were excited to produce an extension to our study looking at the broader range of influences and trends relating to those successfully making money in the UK. Given the cost of living in the capital city, it is hardly surprising that there are a high number of bloggers in London attempting to monetise through their blogs.

“Taking all of the information on bloggers we have retrieved from this and previous studies, we have subsequently used the results in order to create an overall infographic outlining the average profile of a UK blogger. It’s very interesting to see a little further behind the screen of the average blogger.”

Prior to turning to affiliate marketing for revenue, bloggers spend an average of 8.5 hours per week working on their blog, which rises to 18.25 hours for those attempting to monetise.

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