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YouTube introduces fan funding to allow users to donate to their favourite vloggers

YouTube has introduced a new way to allow users to make voluntary payments to support the YouTube creators that they love.

Entitled fan funding, the new system is available on desktop browser and the Android app, but you will only be able to donate if the creator has enabled the ‘support’ button on their page.

Coming after a beta stage, the function is now available in US, Australia, Japan and Mexico.

YouTube has promoted that it will only take a five per cent cut of each donation. In America, for example, a $10 donation would see $9.29 passed on to the YouTube channel.

Donations of $1 and $5 are the pre-set suggestions, but fans can put in to donate however much they want.

While the fan funding may not provide a huge bonus for creators, it will be able to top up revenue for those who may not want to add more advertising to their YouTube platform.

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