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Illegal sports streaming site head nabbed by police in Manchester


By John McCarthy, Opinion Editor

September 1, 2014 | 3 min read

The Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit (PIPCU) on Monday morning arrested a man in Manchester on suspicion of leading multiple illegal live sports streaming websites.

PIPCU worked with Greater Manchester Police to make the arrest

The 27-year-old man, unnamed by police, is accused with being the head of peer to peer sports streaming sites - a service which often sees UK broadcasters' sports feeds pirated for free on the internet.

The accused's websites have allegedly cost the UK TV industry an estimated £10m.

The man was arrested at his home in North West of Manchester by the City of London Police’s specialist IP address-tracking unit. At the scene, detectives found evidence of a large-scale piracy operation - with a dozen servers illegally broadcasting worldwide sports events.

The operation, supported by Greater Manchester Police, saw the suspect's computers seized with him taken to a local police station for questioning.

DCI Danny Medlycott, the newly appointed head of PIPCU, said: “Today’s operation is the unit’s third arrest in relation to online streaming and sends out a strong message that we are homing in on those who knowingly commit or facilitate online copyright infringement.

“Not only is there a significant loss to industry with this particular operation but it is also unfair that millions of people work hard to be able to afford to pay for their subscription-only TV services when others cheat the system.”

PIPCU is a specialist police unit dedicated to protecting online and digital content from intellectual property crime.

This UK-wide piracy crackdown comes after a man was last month jailed for 33 months for uploading a bootleg version of Fast and the Furious 6 to filesharing sites whereupon it received over 700,000 downloads.

Piracy City of London Police PIPCU

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