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Dame Kelly Holmes Trust promoted through first brand campaign

The Dame Kelly Holmes Trust has launched its first brand campaign, featuring in The Independent and the Evening Standard, to promote the personal development programmes run by the charity.

The print campaign, created by Dare, ties into the ten year anniversary of Dame Kelly Holmes’ historic double gold medal win at the Olympics, and features people who overcame difficulties to win their ‘double gold’ moment.

Holmes said: “I’m really excited about the launch of the #DoubleGold campaign. A decade on from Athens, I’m really proud that my charity, the Dame Kelly Homes Trust, is seeing a massive amount of success with our mentoring programmes – where we partner young people who’ve nearly given up hope, with athlete mentors who are incredibly positive role models.

“This #DoubleGold campaign is about raising awareness about the work we are doing, and I can’t thank Dare enough for supporting us.”

The print ads were promoted by a Twitter Thunderclap for #DoubleGold at 11am this morning, 28 August.

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