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Apple's long-awaited iWatch to be unveiled during iPhone 6 release event

iWatch mock-up by Todd Hamilton

Apple will unveil its long-awaited iWatch at an iPhone 6 launch event in just over a week’s time on 9 September in California, according to claims from tech website Re/code.

The wrist-mounted wearable tech will be launched at a “big event “next month, widely accepted to be Apple’s iPhone 6 launch ceremony - to finally end speculation surrounding the device which was first teased early in 2012.

The iWatch is also rumoured to have a 2.5 inch curved display, to fit the wrist, supplied by electronics giant LG. The event will mark the first time the public sees the iWatch, as no images of the product have been released or leaked.

The smartwatch will utilise Apple’s iOS 8 which includes the Homekit household automation service, a utility which allows users to control household lighting, doors and heating using the personal assistant Siri.

Additionally, Apple’s health app will collect and collate user fitness data including heart rate and distance traveled.

The iWatch will face tough competition from competitor Samsung, which has a head-start in the wearable tech market with its Galaxy Gear smartwatch. The Korean electronics group on Thursday announced that its next 'Gear' will have its own 3G connection, no longer needing to piggy backing the Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

Apple has yet to confirm whether the iWatch will require connectivity with the iPhone to function.

Re/code reporter, John Paczkowski, said: “Apple plans to unveil a new wearable alongside the two next-generation iPhones we told you the company will debut on 9 September.”

The true extent of the device’s features will be announced at the event where Apple will also announce two iPhone 6s, including one with a massive 5.5 inch display.

The smartwatch was earlier this year delayed after Apple reported minor difficulties manufacturing the product which will now be released in 2015.

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