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Sir Martin Sorrell warns of Scottish independence risks

Sir Martin Sorrell, head of advertising giant WPP, has warned of the potential fallout to British business in the advent of Scottish independence, on the same day that over 130 Scottish business leaders also voiced their concerns.

Speaking to the Guardian Sorrell warned that such a move would exacerbate uncertainties already emanating from the Ukraine and the Middle East, as well as fears for Britain’s continued membership of the EU.

Opinion polls show the No camp is maintaining its lead but a large number of undecided voters makes calling the outcome impossible at this stage, something of concern to the advertising mogul.

Sorrell said: “It heightens the level of uncertainty, so it's not good. There is a vote and we don't know what the result is going to be. Whether it's a yes or a no, any business is having to think about what the implications of yes are.

“If it is very close, which it may be, they will say a lot of people voted yes and there will be devo max."

Scottish independence isn’t the only black cloud on Sorrell’s horizon however, with EU membership also a bone of contention. Sorrell added: “One thing to think about is what will happen if the Conservatives win the election or, as is more likely, they are the biggest party. It's very difficult for businesses to come to that view. It might affect the way they think about investing in the UK or what they do in the UK. It increases the level of uncertainty, which is not helpful.”

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