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Creative Showcase: Featuring BBH London, AMV BBDO, Disneymedia+ and more


By Gillian West | Social media manager

August 25, 2014 | 25 min read

Welcome to The Drum Creative Showcase.

As always this section is dedicated to showing the best creative work and gives you, the reader, the chance to decide what we show within The Drum magazine.

You can vote for the work you like best, simply by clicking the 'Like' button beside the work, and the winner will be featured in the next issue of The Drum (17 September) in the Creative Showcase spread.

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To submit work for future publication contact For voting updates and more follow The Drum Creative Showcase on Twitter @TheDrumCreative.

Rockabox: Monsoon 'Swoon'

Brand: Monsoon

Title(s): Swoon

Agency: Rockabox

Agency Website:

CEO: Torie Chilcott

Client & Creative Services Director: Simon Stokes

Creative Director: Seb Royce

Photographer: Paul Farrell, David Slijper

Senior Designer: Sasha Hardway

Additional Credits: Executive Producer: Anna Shaw

Digital Producer: Sophie Sampson

Production Manager: Cat O'Gorman

Digi Op: James Kemmenoe

Stylist: Zoe Aird, Anna Foster

Seamstress: Miloud Benyakoub

Make up Artist: Kenneth Soh

Hair Stylist: Desmond Grundy, Alan Pinchon

Set Designer: Georgia Urwin

Video Director: Luke Scully

Video Producer: Ross Aitken

1st AD: James Browning

DIT: Richard Edwards-Earl

Behind the Scenes and 2nd Cam: Moe Miah

Software: Cero's

Published: August 2014

Short Rationale (optional): Monsoon Accessorize, the global fashion retail group, is launching two digitally-focused seasonal campaigns for the first time ever taking its two brands in an entirely new, and innovative marketing direction.

The launch of Swoon for Monsoon and Three Decades of Accessorize, herald a fresh and exciting approach for the international retailer, in a rapidly-changing landscape where the fashion-conscious customer’s journey is increasingly driven by online, social and mobile.

Swoon, created for Monsoon by Rockabox Studios, is an editorially led e-zine and a uniquely interactive shopping experience. Hosted on the Monsoon website, each digital issue of Swoon is designed to work seamlessly across web, tablet and mobile. There are three versions which will cover the whole of the autumn/winter collection.

Swoon acts as an ecommerce platform alongside Monsoon’s own online retail proposition, with users inspired to purchase clothes from within the platform. The content is rich and varied, employing everything from GIFs and Vines to longer form video clips, as well as a host of interactive features and high-end fashion shots, optimised for distribution and sharing across all consumer platforms, with syndication across YouTube and Facebook at launch.

Disneymedia+: Bear 'Alphabites'

Brand: Bear

Title(s): Alphabites

Agency: Disneymedia+

Agency Website:

Additional Credits: Animation: Picnic

Published: August 2014

Short Rationale (optional): Bear has launched its first ever TV advertising campaign for its new no nonsense cereal Alphabites across Disney Channels and Sky Media’s Kids Portfolio.

The new creative will run alongside ads for its popular YoYos range and will target children and mums in the lead up to and during the back to school period. It also aligns with a nationwide rollout of Alphabites in over 500 Tesco stores, and supports the existing distribution in Sainsburys, Asda, Ocado, Waitrose and others.

The 30-second spots will feature the Bear character redesigned and fully animated for the first time. The TV ad will air across the Nickelodeon Network, Pop Channels, Sky Movies Family, Disney Channel, Disney XD and Disney Junior as well as third party platforms. It was produced exclusively in-house by Disneymedia+, the integrated ad sales, promotions and marketing solutions of Disney UK & Ireland with animation by Picnic and voiceover from Peter Dickson.

These will form part of their biggest ever annual spend of £2.5 million and is a nationwide campaign across print, digital, PR, social media, partnerships, sampling and in-store to drive awareness and trial.

Afterhours: Toni Weir (Staff T- personal trainer) 'Staff T Brand identity'

Brand: Toni Weir (Staff T- personal trainer)

Title(s): Staff T Brand identity

Agency: Afterhours, London, UK

Agency website:

Additional credits: Designer : Kelly Bennett, Moyra Casey, Chris McDonald

Published: August 2014

Short rationale (optional): Identity and communications for personal trainer, Toni Weir, AKA Staff T from her role as an RAF physical training instructor.

Inspired by this background and experience and her unique teaching techniques, the identity is brought to life through use of the obligatory, no-nonsense short hand language of the military.

Creating a unique language system, incorporating practical acronyms for her training methods and systems together with more playful ones to express her personality and philosophy (and love of social media abbreviations!). We have developed a distinctive tone of voice for all her communications.

One that reinforces Toni’s expertise and knowledge in fitness, rehab and nutrition but also the inspiring and fun experience training with Staff T will be.

The visual aesthetic is also rooted in her RAF background, utilising the distinctive red, white and blue colour palette and target motif as a vehicle throughout.

Naked Communications: Danio ' Danio Snack Hijack Vine Campaign'

Brand: Danio

Title(s): Danio Snack Hijack Vine Campaign

Agency: Naked Communications, London, United Kingdom,

Agency website:

Creative Director: Mark Black

Art Director: Andy Stone

Copywriter: Adrian Thomas

Additional credits: Produced by Kode Media

Published: July/August 2014

Short rationale (optional): Naked Communications, Danone’s UK Digital agency has launched a new Vine campaign “Snack Hijack” for Danio, Danone’s new Greek yogurt.

Danio, Danone’s Greek yogurt brand has launched “Snack Hijack”, a campaign designed to encourage consumers to ditch their guilt ridden chocolate bars and packet of crisps and try a new Danio. Naked Communications created the campaign, a stop frame animation series of films created on Vine and supported with a social couponing campaign. Launched in July, the campaign comprises of 15 films amplified over Vine, Twitter and Facebook.

The work was written by Adrian Thomas and Andy Stone and produced by Kode Media.

RKCR\Y&R: Breakthrough Breast Cancer 'Paint, Pose & Pass it on'

Brand: Breakthrough Breast Cancer

Title(s): Paint, Pose & Pass it on

Agency: RKCR\Y&R

Agency Website:

Creative Director: Ted Hughes, Paul Angus

Art Director: Peter Konickx

Copywriter: Amy Westbrook

Additional Credits: Planner: Laura Scoffin

Account Manager: Amarpreet Lall

Account Director: Olly Boden

Agency Producers: Amy Torbett, Martin Caulfield

Account Executive: Camilla Ahwazian

Published: August 2014

Short Rationale (optional): The agency’s “#2fingers2breastcancer” campaign invites women to take a snap of themselves crossing their fingers, replete with pink nails, making a sign resembling the pink ribbon - the international symbol of breast cancer awareness and share using the phrase ‘Paint, Pose & Pass it on’.

People who take part in the campaign can text the word ’NAILS’ to 70660 to donate £2 and use the caption: “I’m giving #2fingers2breastcancer” when sharing their photos.

Golden Wolf: Nike 'Genealogy of Innovation'

Brand: Nike

Title(s): Genealogy of Innovation

Agency: Golden Wolf, London UK

Agency website:

Creative Director: Ingi Erlingsson

Motion Graphics Lead: Alex Fernandez

Producer: Ant Baena

Photography: Iris Erlingsdottir

Design: Alex Fernandez, Max Englehart, Pablo Lozano, Wojtek Szklarski,

Animation: Alex Fernandez, Max Englehart, Stefan Falconer, Miquel Rodriguez, Pietro Furrbato, Miro Klasinc

Edit / Compositing: Alex Fernandez, Max Englehart, Stefan Falconer

Additional Credits (Renaissance): Creative Direction: Golden Wolf

Direction & animation: Physalia

Production: Blackbox

Music and Sound design by Echoic Audio

Published: August 2014

Short rationale (optional): Nike approach us to bring their Genealogy of Innovation campaign to life. The film tracks back to Nike's humble beginnings and take us on a journey through their key innovative designs across seven game-changing eras! The film is in 7 parts, each with their own theme and aesthetic, overall, the film features 200 shoes from over 40 years of Nike history.

The key tie in from the brand was to showcase how all of the Nike DNA has been carried through the years and helped them to craft their latest series of football boots. Used in conjunction with the hugely successful Risk Everything world cup 2014 campaign, the Genealogy of Innovation project coincided with a number of events across the globe and a unique interactive website which lets users explore the history of Nike shoes.

CLIP: Seassentials 'Value Brand'

Brand: Seassentials

Title(s): Value Brand

Agency: CLIP, London, UK

Agency website:

Creative Director: Anish Mistry

Designer: Chris P.

Copywriter: Aditi Beri

Published: August 2014

Short rationale (optional): CLIP a London and Nottingham based creative agency have unveiled their newly designed packaging for Seassentials a value brand belonging to America’s largest crab meat company Blue Star Foods. Headquartered in Miami, Florida Blue Star Foods is an international company that produces crab meat in production facilities all over the world.

After designing the Blue Star Foods premium brand, CEO John Keeler commissioned CLIP to create a brand image for their value range. The project required the creation of a brand name, logo, and packaging design involving a can, inner box, outer box and functional stickers. CLIP used their three stage branding and packaging process which they have developed over the past fifteen years to ensure they provided the best possible design solution.

CLIP’s thorough branding process was based on current market conditions, consumer demands and creating a performance brand. The final name ‘Seassentials’ was chosen as it combined both the product theme and the ‘essential value’ aspect. Some aspects of the brand were predefined by the client such as the colours therefore the designers had to take these limitations into consideration throughout the process.

VCCP: O2 'Art School, Cinemahead'

Brand: O2

Title(s): Art School, Cinemahead

Agency: VCCP

Agency Website:

Creative Director: Marcus Woolcott

Creative: Tom Juneau

Additional Credits: Account Manager: Alec Campbell

TV Producer: Ellie Gibb

Production Company: Nice Shirt Films

Director: James De Frond

Edit: Quinn Williams at TenThree

Post: Jon Hollis at Raised by Wolves

Short Rationale (optional): You may remember we last saw O2's beloved dog-slash-cat leading a packed seminar, urging us to Be More Dog via the power of the O2 Priority app. These two new films in the campaign show the effect of the pussy's preaching down the cinema and the art studio.

Meet Klaus. Serious art school model. Dedicated to nudity as much as his art. Unfortunately for him, his muse, Justine, is getting tired of the naked life and longs for the Good Life with the help of O2 Priority. Unfortunately for Klaus, this may involve wearing clothes.

In the next spot we meet Ziz. Rudeboy gamer turned social butterfly. He rarely made it outside but now thanks to the Good Life and O2 Priority is down the cinema on the regular - for real - with bare ladyshapes...or something.

Leo Burnett: McDonald’s 'The Tree'

Brand: McDonald’s

Title(s): The Tree

Agency: Leo Burnett, London, UK

Agency Website: Creative Director: Justin Tindall

Creative Director: Richard Robinson, Graham Lakeland

Art Director: Rik Brown

Copywriter: Jon Fox

Additional Credits: Planning Director: Josh Bullmore

Senior Planner: Sarah Sandford

Account Management: Rob Cooling, Sarah Kay, Sofia Sarkar, Verity Evans

Media Agency: OMD

Planner: Kathryn Armstrong

Production Company: Smuggler

Published: August 2014

Fox Kalomaski Crossing: Vamousse 'High noon for head lice'

Brand: Vamousse

Title(s): High noon for head lice

Agency: Fox Kalomaski Crossing

Agency Website:

Creative Director: Sean Parkin

Art Director: Sean Parkin

Copywriter: Steve Holman

Additional Credits: Planner: Robert Thackery

Account Handler: Lucy Williams

Media Buying Agency: Starcom Mediavest

Media Planner: Elspeth Spelzini

Production Company: FKC London

Animator: Peter Dobes

Producer: Lee Climpson

Post-Production Company: FKC London

Audio Post-Production Company: FKC London

Music: Kaleidatone

Published: August 2014

Short Rationale (optional): The cinema and TV ad is set in an animated cowboy town and sees a small boy waving a note from his school informing his Mum that head lice are back in town.

His Mum is the new sheriff in town and she is ready to confront the band of pesky animated head lice – and their eggs – with her powerful new weapon, Vamousse.

With the unique, non-toxic formula in Vamousse which is proven to kill 100% of lice and eggs within 15 minutes of contact, in just one application, this Mum can be very confident when dealing with the head lice gang, and she shouts “Vamousse you varmints”.

The campaign created and developed by Fox Kalomaski Crossing is supported by a multi-platform marketing campaign launching in time for the new school term.

Wieden + Kennedy New York: Southern Comfort 'Shark'

Brand: Southern Comfort

Title(s): Shark

Agency: Wieden + Kennedy New York

Agency Website:

Executive Creative Director: Susan Hoffman

Creative Director: Jimm Lasser, Caleb Jensen

Creatives: Laddie Peterson, Jeff Dryer

Additional Credits: Production Company: Biscuit Filmworks

Director: Steve Rogers

Producer: Orlee Tatarka

Executive Producer: Holly Vega

DoP: Benoit Delhomme

Head of Content Production: Nick Setounski

Managing Director: Shawn Lacy

Line Producer: Kathy Rhodes

Editorial Company: Mackenzie Cutler

Editor: Gavin Cutler

Assistant Editor: Ryan Steele

Post Executive Producer: Sasha Hirschfeld

VFX Company: The Mill

VFX Senior Producer: Orlaith Finucane, Aleen Kim

Published: August 2014

AMV BBDO: CRUK 'We will beat cancer sooner'

Brand: CRUK

Title(s): We will beat cancer sooner

Agency: AMV BBDO

Agency Website:

Art Director: David Hillyard, Mike Hannett

Copywriter: Gavin Kellett, Dave Buchanan

Additional Credits: Agency Planner: Lilian Sor

Agency Account Man: Helen Rae, Emily Atkinson, Lizzie Edwards

TV Producer: Sophie Horner

Media Agency: MediaCom

Media Planner: Alexia Pilvachi, Lucy Mitchell, Jo Mikolajczyk

Production Company: Park Pictures

Director: Christian McKenzie, Patrick Chen

Production Co. Producer: Richard Fenton

Published: August 2014

Short Rationale (optional): The ‘We Will Beat Cancer Sooner’ campaign is based on recent statistics showing that now one in two people survive cancer, as opposed to 40 years ago when only one in four people survived cancer for 10 years or more. Cancer Research UK has set out to double the speed of progress and increase this to three in four people surviving cancer over the next 20 years.

For the first time we can now say just as many people survive cancer as die from cancer. The ad shows that this is a huge achievement in the fight against cancer, however there is still a lot more work to do. This ad sets out a renewed determination to keep fighting against this terrible disease with the certainty that we will beat cancer sooner.

The campaign will also be supported by digital, social and PR created by Cancer Research UK’s in-house team and partner agency Dare to showcase how people are interacting with the campaign and encourage participation in the wide range of the charity’s fundraising events.

Designers Anonymous: Carpe Nux 'Brand design'

Brand: Carpe Nux

Title(s): Brand Design

Agency: Designers Anonymous

Agency Website:

Thinking Juice: uSwitch 'The simple way to switch'

Brand: uSwitch

Title(s): The simple way to switch

Agency: Thinking Juice

Agency Website:

Managing Director: Gellan Watt

Published: August 2014

Short Rationale (optional): The 30-second daytime advertisement will be shown on TV screens for nine weeks and features British actor, Philip Glenister.

The TV advert, the first since January 2012, plays on Philip’s straight-talking persona to communicate a simple message to consumers: “in just a few clicks you could save yourself a few hundred quid”. This message is played out against a backdrop of him preparing a typical English breakfast, highlighting the simplicity of switching and the steps people can take from their own home to save on their energy bills.

The advert was created and produced by Thinking Juice. It will be supported socially by channels such as Facebook and Twitter, as well as through email and on-site activity.

RothCo: OpenTable 'Being choosy just got easy'

Brand: OpenTable

Title(s): Being choosy just got easy

Agency: RothCo, Dublin, Ireland

Agency website:

Creative Director: Bobby Byrne

Art Director: Ciara Rapple

Copywriter: Bobby Byrne

Photographer: Dave Campbell Photography

Additional credits: Producer: Babs-Ann Hegarty

Multi-media producer: Paul Power

Published: August 2014

Short rationale (optional): The campaign, created with advertising agency RothCo, demonstrates the ease of using the OpenTable app to discover, research and instantly make a confirmed restaurant booking, with the strapline, “being choosy just got easy”. The three different executions reveal the simplicity of making an online booking by focusing on the app’s features in different settings. The first spot shows a booking being made at a pub for a restaurant nearby, the second reveals a booking being made during a dull meeting and the third shows a couple planning a quality meal out together.

BBH London: Axe 'Monday, Wednesday'

Brand: Axe

Title(s): Monday, Wednesday

Agency: BBH London

Agency Website:

Deputy Executive Creative Director: David Kolbusz

Creative Director: Gary McCreadie, Wesley Hawes

Creative Team: Peter Reid, Carl Broadhurst, Charlene Chandrasekaran, Dan Morris

Additional Credits: Team Manager: Dan Gearing

Team Director: Krista Nelson

Strategy Director: Agathe Guerrier

Strategist: Tom Callard

Film Credits: Producer: Chris Watling

Assistant Producer: Vaia Ikonomou

Production Company: Riff Raff

Director: Jonas and Francois

Executive Producer: Matthew Fone

Producer: Jane Tredget

DoP: Alex Barber

Post Production: Electric Theatre Collective

Editor/Editing House: Patric Ryan, Marshall Street Editors

Sound Design and Mix: Will Cohen, String and Tins

Music Supervision: Big Sync Music

Monday Music: Birdy Nam Nam 'Defiant Order'

Wednesday Music: Smokey Robotic 'Lady's Scream'

Published: August 2014

Short Rationale (optional): To remind guys that fragrance isn’t just for special occasions, AXE (known as Lynx in some markets) has launched a campaign to promote its new range of fine fragrance bodysprays.

The campaign, created by BBH London, is based on the idea to encourage guys to make that extra effort during the tougher days of the week, and not save their best for the weekend. The two 50 second films, Monday and Wednesday, show the daydreams of two protagonists’ imagining a hyperbolic version of the day ahead.

The films are running online and on TV in LATAM, Australia and New Zealand.

AMV BBDO and Found: Foot Locker ‘Triple black challenge’

Foot Locker Triple Black Challenge from Found on Vimeo.

Brand: Foot Locker

Title(s): Triple black challenge

Agency: AMV BBDO

Agency Website:

Motion Studio: Found

Motion Studio Website:

Creative Director: Zac Ellis, Rich Littler

Art Direction: Emma Winter

Additional Credits: Lighting Design: Mike Gunning

Music and Sound Design: Altitude Music

Infra-red Cameras: Minicams

DOP: Greg Taylor

Published: August 2014

Short Rationale (optional): The launch of Foot Locker’s Triple Black Collection sees fans grapple for limited edition trainers in blackout challenge produced by London based studio Found.

Found, a design-led motion studio, created a live event pitching Foot Locker fans against the clock in a frenzied hunt for the latest Triple Black Collection, to mark the launch of the new footwear range.

AMV BBDO brought Found on board, setting the challenge to create an immersive event to showcase the new trainer collection and offer fans the ultimate challenge to win a pair of limited edition trainers. Constructing a black box encasing a network of rooms each with a pair of hidden trainers inside, invited fans were unwittingly left to navigate the rooms in pitch black.

Each challenger entered a briefing room before facing a series of obstacles in various rooms; bees room with disconcerting sound effects, a balloon chamber, an installation room with a mixture of real and fake limbs protruding from the walls, and a final corridor filled with polystyrene balls, wind machines and strobe lights creating a dizzying vortex. Once the trainers were found, challengers were given only ten seconds to escape.

Iris Worldwide: Adidas 'Unleash Your Best'

Brand: Adidas

Title: 'Unleash Your Best'

Agency: Iris Worldwide

Agency website:

Managing Partner: Nico Tuppen

Group Account Director: Simon Yoxall

Deputy Creative Director: Adam Fish

Account Director: Greg Dade

Producer: Anthony Le Breton

Global Brand Marketing: Philipp Schapitz Creative Shoot and

Production Manager: Mirja Koch

Published: August 2014

Adidas Footlocker Axe

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