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ALS Ice Water round-up: Shakira nominates Pope Francis and Chris Martin receives most popular nominee

After the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge gained worldwide acclaim, raising over $41.1m alone for the ALS Association charity, fame-analysis group Celebrity Intelligence has collected some of the most interesting facts about the campaign.

The initiative, which has snowballed into one of the most successful charity drives ever, has crossed borders and cultures, via social media.

The most popular Ice Bucket Challenges came from the film and TV industry, with fashion and business lagging behind despite notable contributions from Anna Wintour, Mario Testino, Bill Gates and Tim Cook.

Coldplay frontman, Chris Martin was the most nominated celebrity with ex-fiance Gwyneth Paltrow, Sharkia and Tim McGraw all nominating the Coldplay star.

The most interesting challenge came courtesy of Charlie Sheen who showered himself with $10,000 rather than ice. He then donated the money to the fund after nominating Two and a Half Men stars Ashton Kutcher, John Cryer and Chuck Lorre.

The most random nomination came from Colombian singer Shakira who deemed Pope Francis as a suitable nomination target.

Bill Gates took the most innovative challenge, designing a mechanical pulley-machine to automatically drench the billionaire in style.

The ALS association earned 20 times more this year than it did last year when it only managed $2.1m.

This comes after James McAvoy nominated Alistair Darling and Alex Salmond for the challenge on Friday morning.

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