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Ad of the Day: Coors Light - 'Ice Bar'

This entertaining ad is perfectly judged with its 80s power-rock-lite music and be-mulleted, twice-denimed hero. For years, it is revealed, our tiny muscle man has been attempting "to recreate the ice-cold refreshment of a Coors Light". In actual ice.

Throughout the ad we see him striving to achieve some kind of sculptural perfection, and it's a joy to behold. With stoic determination he pulls sleds of ice blocks with his ponytail and hollows out ice columns with his tiny fingers. Carves delicate flowers and kickboxes vast chunks into the shape of a bull.

It's a delight to see the expressions of brute strength and spiritual transcendence flitting over his face as he strives towards his goal, like Rocky of the Alps, with the editing taking us repeatedly through this kick or that from different angles to ensure we appreciate the gargantuan effort and skill that's going into his creation.

What has he made? Watch and find out. But know this: however impressive, it will never touch the notion of refreshment he is looking for. Oh, Jean-Claude. What a star you are.

Ad of the Day is in association with David Reviews.

Creative Agency VCCP

Creative Director Jim Capp

Creative Jermaine Hillman / Paul Kocur

Planner George Everett / Sandie Dilger

TV Producer Andy Leahy

Film Production Rattling Stick

Director Daniel Kleinman

Producer Johnnie Frankel

Executive Producer Johnnie Frankel

Editor Julian Tranquille @ Cut+Run

Post Production Framestore

Sound Design Sam Ashwell @ 750MPH

Media Agency Zenith Optimedia International

Media Planner Guy Edwards / Aidan O’Callaghan