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Wolff Olins explains why it has a rooftop beehive: should all agencies have one?

In the centre of London communications agency Wolff Olins has a furry friend. While many agencies may have a dog in the office, this agency has beehives.

Stuart Robertson, building manager at Wolff Olins, said the beehives offer a talking point: “People find out about it, they want to be reassured about it…people are concerned about nature and they are quite glad that bees have a safe environment in the city.”

Hanging baskets outside pubs, along with trees and shrubbery, provide ample food sources for bees in the city, Robertson said.

The agency has even been on a beekeeping course, set up by author of Bees In The City, Brian McCallum.

“It was a little bit unnerving the first time…opening the hive and having 20 or 30 thousand insects popping up at you, which you know could sting you, is a little nerve-wracking.”

The main challenge of keeping bees? “Convincing people it’s a good idea!” Richardson joked.

"Bees are not cobras. They're not going to do anything to you. All bees want to do is make honey."

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