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Vine introduces video import tool and ‘undo’ button to make creation easier

Creating Vine videos has just been made easier, as the Twitter-owned platform has revealed an update which lets users edit videos: including the ability to import a video previously shot on your phone.

Before the update, Vine videos had to be taken in real-time, but this move will allow videos to be made beforehand, before being uploaded – and edited – in Vine.

As well as this, users can now mix two previously-made video together, as better editing tools are revealed.

Another edit tool which has been introduced is an undo button: to date, if you made a mistake you had to start again from scratch.

Richard Plom, Vine iOS engineer, said: “My favourite new tool is the preview and undo button — with one tap, you can preview your last clip right from the capture screen, and if you don’t want to use it, you just tap the same button again to undo it.”

A focus lock and a new torch feature are also included in the update.

Below, Vine's Richard Barley gives his top Vine tips.

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