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Predictions for Google's next decade 10 years after its IPO

By Stephen Lepitak, -

Zenith Media


Google article

August 20, 2014 | 3 min read

Ten years ago, a little search company filed for its IPO and never looked back, going on to become arguably the most influential company in the world, becoming an advertising and communications company as well as a hugely influential tech innovations lab and it doesn't look likely to slow down anytime soon. Here, some creative media companies offer their views as to what Google may do or achieve over the next ten years.

Daniel Todaro, MD, Gekko

Google Glass will continue to innovate and has the phenomenal potential to make our day-to-day lives more efficient and enjoyable. With Google you can use the analogy of F1 cars – the technology they invent is always adopted and will be used in the mainstream several years down the line. Undoubtedly this will happen with Google Glass and the Driverless Car.

Richard Lamb, head of search,Performics (part of theZenithOptimedia Group)

As a generally unsuccessful soothsayer, I decided to use the considerable power of the Performics UK hive mind to look into Google’s future. Many of the ideas, particularly a presence in connected healthcare, will be eerily familiar to anyone who has read The Circle by Dave Eggers. For my money, Google will start to be more involved in education, a move which might be beneficial both in the developing world and the west.

Kamil Yadallee, head of emerging platforms, MEC

For me, the biggest innovation will be the more agnostic deployment of the Android OS, which will operate in wearable tech, in-car - and crucially on the latest smart TVs by the end of 2014. Once Android TV gains a sizeable user base, Google will be able to identify a user and serve them with appropriate content.

Tabitha Goldstaub co-Founder and innovation & partnerships, Rightster

With consumers demanding fresh content 24/7 I'm hoping the next innovation Google invests more in is live streaming. YouTube successfully live stream many events, the challenge is monetising them! The existing tools need to evolve to manage the complexity of a live event with multiple brands.

Adrian Nicholls, UK head of digital, Geometry Global

Good old search will continue to innovate. Google will replace typing with speech. So no more spelling mistakes and no more pay per click buying all iterations of how you spell Guinness. Google could even go as far as to recognise regional accents and serve consumers with localised content that allows for more targeted marketing.

Chris Whitelaw, CEO, iProspect UK

Embedded under your skin, the human cookie will take wearable technology to the next level. Harnessing details of all your online and offline activity, it transforms your every preference into real-time suggestions, accessed across multi-devices at a touch of a finger. Warning: data privacy advocates may choke.


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