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Scots Better Together campaign removes blog post after writer's 'unacceptable' BNP tweets cause indyref storm

A pro-union blog post on the Scottish Better Together campaign website has been removed after author Yvonne Hama’s “completely unacceptable” views emerged.

The Scottish pro-union Better Together campaign branded Hama’s views unacceptable after social media users unearthed retweets of former BNP leader Nick Griffin on what appeared to be her Twitter account.

Her blog, titled ‘Why I’m saying No Thanks’ – which was posted on 17 August – was soon removed from the Better Together website after a social media storm erupted.

While Hama apparently quickly deactivated her account, screengrabs captured by the Wings Over Scotland website have continued to circulate on Twitter.

Among those uncovered by social media users was a retweet of a Nick Griffin post in 2012 which read: “Greetings to all Ulster friends on the 12th July. Also all in Southport. Have a great day & No Surrender!”

Hama also allegedly retweeted a tweet from ‘@BlueboySwan’ which said ‘Tims’ - a word often used to describe Celtic supporters or Catholics - looked better "hanging from a tree".

A spokesman for Better Together told The Drum: “Yvonne is not a politician, however views like this are completely unacceptable.”

Today marks exactly one month before voters in Scotland take to the ballot boxes to decide whether or not Scotland should be an independent country.