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Oxford Dictionary embraces ad-speak with new words 'geocache', 'second screen' and 'side boob'

The Oxford Dictionary has announced a roster of new words it will be adding to its website database, with the publisher keen on integrating digital terms into its midst.

During this round of word additions, the dictionary embraced the ad-world's buzzwords, adding 'sentiment analysis', 'geocache', 'subtweet', 'acquihire', 'clickbait', 'deep web', 'fast follower', 'responsive' and 'second screen' to its growing roster of words

The latest language intake has been more digital-centric than ever with the publisher keen on capturing heavily-used modern words.

An array of new slang terms were added too, including 'bro hug', 'cray', 'hench', 'hot mess', 'mansplain', 'side-eye', 'side boob' and 'spit-take'.

Katherine Connor Martin, editor of Oxford Dictionary, said: “One of the advantages of our unique language monitoring programme is that it enables us to explore how English language evolves differently across the world.

“Naturally, many words are used in similar frequencies in the UK and US, for instance the informal additions amazeballs and neckbeard. However, some new slang and informal words catch on much more quickly in a particular variety of English.”

Connor Martin added: “In our monitoring sample, side boob is more than 10 times more common in the UK than in the US (although this is due in part to its frequent use in the British media), whereas adorbs is used about four times more often in the US as in the UK.”

The new entries have been added to the Oxford Dictionaries website but not the print version.

This comes after selfie and tweet were added to the dictionary last year.