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How you can use automated social media for success: Hootsuite provides its top tips

Developing a content strategy is one of the top tips that Hootsuite's solution team leader, Lindsey McInerney, put forward as she spoke to The Drum on how to make social a success using automation.

“Even sales leaders can consider scheduling their content and putting together a content strategy, maybe even just using ten minutes at the beginning of each month to go ahead and fill their calendars, to make sure that they have regularly occurring fresh content and can be seen as thought leaders in their industry,” McInerney suggests.

Setting a policy around automation in social is another tip from Hootsuite, with some content able to be scheduled in advance based on calendar dates (a deadline for a competition, for example), while other items including customer service will be handled in real-time.

Becoming a truly social organisation is the third tip from McInerney: “Brands have a real opportunity to distribute the right content to different people in the organisation to push out on their own personal channels. If you take advantage of every single follower and fan of all the people in your company, you can increase your reach exponentially”.

Taking a regular look at your approach to see what is working and what is not is the fourth tip from Hootsuite, so that the brand can “rejig” to make posts better.

The final tip but forward is to having the right team and training so that they know exactly what to do if automation needs to be shut down.