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Adidas unveils patriotic campaign promoting 2014/14 Irish rugby team Munster's away kit

Adidas has worked with Intermarketing Agency and the Mill to create an advertisement promoting the Irish rugby team Munster’s 2014/15 away kit.

The patriotic spot, which features members of the team sporting their solar green attire, represents the idea that every player, past and present, and every fan plays their part in the team.

The creative shows the players taking form from a digital mass of letters and words, something which the Mill’s head of motion design, Nils Kloth, described as a “challenge”.

Kloth commented: “This was a fantastic and interesting idea from Intermarketing Agency to sink our teeth into. Our challenge was to create the typography particles which would eventually come together to create each player, we then needed to establish how each particle would move, interact and set themselves into the players' skin, jersey and chest.

“In order to do this we took 3D scans of body tracking completed on the shoot, enabling us to track the geometry of each player’s actions. We then used Cinema4D to create the textures and particles before compiling the piece together in AFX and polishing it with a grade by Mick Vincent, who worked to bring out the unique Munster jersey colour.”

The advert is accompanied by social media activity running with the hashtag #allmunster.

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