TV ads best for engagement with consumers but only 5% engage with mobile ads

The majority of consumers (61 per cent) are put off by ads that are badly targeted and not relevant to them, research by City Numbers has found.

The research of 1,006 consumers found that 79 per cent of the public would engage with a TV ad, with direct mail coming second (62 per cent), while print ads found favour with 53 per cent of respondents.

Craig Busst, managing director at City Numbers, said: “More traditional tactics are holding their own in a marketplace that demands increasingly diverse and integrated marketing campaigns, while it’s clear that unsolicited calls to the home or mobile remain as unpopular as ever.

“But if you don’t have the right communication systems in place, it can all be for nothing. TV advertising is still connecting with audiences but as these normally run for 30 seconds or less, it helps if the phone number you display is memorable.”

The least popular forms of marketing activity that a consumer was likely to engage with, were marketing calls (six per cent) and mobile advertising (five per cent).

The research found that customers would be put off responding to adverts that didn’t provide a freephone number (34 per cent) or a website (35 per cent) where they could get more information about the product or service.