Man dies after charging e-cigarette ignites oxygen tank

A man died on Tuesday after a charging e-cigarette ignited his medically required oxygen tank resulting in an explosion, according to Merseyside's fire and rescue service (MFRS).

David Thomson, 62, was found in his living room of his Wallasey-based house, after fire fighters arrived on the scene.

A small fire, which started in Thomson’s bedroom, had went out before the fire services made it to the house. They are currently investigating the exact cause of death.

An MFRS spokesman said: “The subsequent fire investigation identified that an e-cigarette that had been charging in the bedroom exploded, caught fire and ignited the oxygen tube of an oxygen concentrator, which may have been in use by the occupier.”

Myles Platt, area manager of MFRS, said: "The investigation into the cause of this fire is continuing but at this stage it is thought that the charging device being used at the time may not have been the one supplied with the e-cigarette.

"We urge people to always use electrical equipment in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions and guidance, always ensure that no electrical items are left charging overnight or left unattended for a long period when being charged, and do not mix parts from different e-cigarettes.

"Only use the original charger or electrical cables supplied and ensure you purchase electrical items from a reputable source."

Nine fires involving e-cigarettes have been recorded in the Merseyside area since January.

This comes as e-cigarettes grow in popularity, with them now allowed to advertise on British television.