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LegRoom to offer ‘white label’ digital production services for agencies

A new business offering 24/7 ‘white label’ digital production service for marketing, digital and creative agencies worldwide, has launched in Melbourne, Australia.

The company, LegRoom, was founded by Lee Renton, a former technical director with agencies in Australia and the UK, who realised from experience that many digital and creative can’t afford to employ several developers with different specialisms.

Renton, managing and technical director at LegRoom, said: “When I moved to Melbourne, I realised that my network alone spread across the globe. With an abundance of diverse skill sets available around the clock, I realised it could be a useful resource for others.

“LegRoom works in partnership with agencies, behind the scenes, developing and deploying projects to the specifications provided. I’d love to tell you about some of the brands we’re already working with but that isn’t what we do!”

Renton added, however, that the company is currently working with agencies in Australia, US and Europe.