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Oct 19 - 23

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The Healthcare Financial Management Association supports three-year plan with new brand identity

The professional and membership body for those working in NHS and private healthcare finance across the UK, the Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA), has unveiled a new brand identity in support of its three year strategy.

The rationale behind the new logo is twofold

The new brand identity is hoped to help the brand in its quest to increase shareof voice in the sector, leading to greater visibility and relations with the government, the public and the media.

The rationale behind the new logo is twofold with the circle representing unity, wholeness and collaboration and the bright orange colour reflecting well-being, rejuvenation, assurance and determination.

HMFA director of marketing and communications, Simon Dolph, said: “As we look at our new strategy it’s evident we need better visibility, in order for us to broaden our reach and membership. We also need our voice to be heard within the healthcare sector, speaking on behalf of our members, and we believe that this new brand identity reflects this time of change strongly.”

HMFA will continue to work with Kindred Agency to deliver a PR calendar supporting the organisation’s communications priorities.

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