By Ishbel Macleod | PR and social media consultant

August 1, 2014 | 1 min read

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Nationwide is looking to show how it differs from other financial institutes in its new ad promoting its focus on people.

Created by 18 Feet & Rising, the ad uses time-lapse photography to show a day in the life of people across the UK, ending with the tagline: ‘They say money makes the world go round. We think it’s people.’

Stephen Leonard, Nationwide’s chief operating officer for marketing, explained: “This campaign represents the customer and people focus that sits at the heart of Nationwide and mutuality and fundamentally differentiates us from the major banks.

“The campaign is absolutely built from the ‘inside out’ – it’s an authentic reflection of the brand truth recognising the things that Nationwide believes in, the values that our customers hold true and the way that our employees put people first.”

In addition to the TV spots that will launch tomorrow (2 August) and run until October, the ‘We think it’s people’ campaign is integrated across digital, print and outdoor advertising.

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