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Infographic: 36% of video ads are not viewable worldwide and it takes just 6 seconds for a viewer to yawn

A 40 per cent rise in video ad viewability can lead to a 75 per cent rise in sales, Ebuzzing has found in its research – but a third (36 per cent) of video ads are not viewable worldwide.

It was discovered that 50 per cent of the ads bought from publishers aren’t viewable, while 60 per cent bought programmatically aren’t viewable.

Pierre Chappaz is chairman and group CEO of Ebuzzing & Teads, said: “Half of all internet advertising bought by brands is not seen by web users. It is a shocking statistic and the situation is worsening year on year, due to the rise of programmatic buying.

“Adverts have more value when web users intentionally view them. Video advertising is often highly entertaining and great quality, and can be offered as relevant content, not a painful toll that must be paid before video content can be viewed. An alternative is video advertising which is positioned within articles on media sites, thanks to click-to-play or even better view-to-play formats.”

The research found that it takes a user just two seconds to open a new tab, three seconds to turn their head away from the screen and six seconds to yawn while watching

“The biggest threat to viewability, is not in fact fraud, but user behavior. Today’s internet users have developed lightening quick reflexes to avoid advertising they do not wish to watch. They open a new tab or window; mute the sound the very instant an unwanted advertisement appears in front of their video content,” Chappaz concluded.