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Jamaican it up? The Times publishes Usain Bolt's 'a bit shit' interview transcript to combat lies accusation

The Times has hit back at Usain Bolt’s accusation that it lied when it reported that he called the Glasgow Commonwealth Games “a bit shit” - by publishing the entire interview transcript.

Bolt cheering on his national netball team last night

After the ill-fated interview, dubbed “nonsense” by the Olympic 100m champion, created a PR disaster, Bolt yesterday called the Games “awesome” while attending a Jamaican netball team heat at the SECC arena.

After reading the Times article, Bolt said on Twitter: “I'm waking up to this nonsense..journalist please don't create lies to make headlines.”

However, Angus Macleod, Scottish editor of the Times, stood by his reporter and the story "100 per cent" and went as far to release the full transcript of the interview.

It reads as follows:

Katie Gibbons (KG): Hi Usain, I'm Katie Gibbons, a reporter from The Times. Nice to meet you.

Usain Bolt (UB): Hi.

KG: How are you?

UB: (Shrugs)

KG: So are you enjoying the games? Are you having fun?

UB: No.

KG: Really, why not?

UB: I'm just not... it's a bit shit. (Shrugs, looks up to grey sky).

KG: What do you mean?

UB: I've only been here two days.

KG: Is it like the Olympics?

UB: Nah. Olympics were better.

KG: Really, how?

UB: (Shrugs).

KG: Where are you off to now?

UB: To do some business.

On the other hand, Mike Hooper, chief executive of the Commonwealth Games, said he fully backs Usain Bolt's claims that the comments were exaggerated, adding: “We take Mr Bolt at his word. We're very pleased with how he's responded and that's our position.”

The world’s fastest man will represent his country in the 4x100m baton relay this weekend.

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