Twitter considers showing only 'top tweets' from users

Twitter announced its £86m loss for Q2 this morning, amidst suggestions from chief executive Dick Costolo that Twitter will change its system so not all tweets are seen by users.

He suggested in the earnings call that Twitter would be looking into “surfacing the kinds of great conversations that pop up in peoples’ timelines from time to time, making sure that for those users who follow hundreds of accounts, they don’t miss the very, very best pieces of those streams as they flow by”.

This method sounds similar to Facebook’s “top stories” function.

According to Costolo, such a move could help provide value to “users who are new to the platform and are coming to the platform for the first time”.

He pointed out that the number of people who visit Twitter on a monthly basis but don’t actually log in is between two and three times that of its actual userbase, which is 271 million-strong.