Grolsch lifts the lid on bluetooth bottlecaps providing free movies

Grolsch beer has launched a digital initiative called the ‘Movie Unlocker’, which provides free movies for customers who link bottles to their smartphones using cap-mounted bluetooth in a scheme designed by Russian app developer Heads and Hands.

Using a Bluetooth beacon in the bottlecap activated when tapped against a mobile device Grolsch has advanced its promotional campaign, which was previously more cumbersome requiring users to type and register serial codes.

Each beacon is protected by a sticker which blocks transmission until the bottle is opened - ensuring the movie has not been claimed or lost before reaching consumers.

When a bottle is opened, the beacon sends a signal to a device with a previously registered serial number and if these match, users can digitally unlock a movie of their choice.

The caps are compatible with modern phones equipped with next-generation Bluetooth connectivity.

Aleksandr Semenov, CEO of Heads and Hands, said: “We were aware of a current campaign being carried out in Russia by Grolsch that allows consumers to enter promotional codes found on its bottles in to its partners websites.

“This enables people to access a movie for free. We liked this idea, but thought we could make the process a whole lot easier. So, we developed this new ‘one-touch’ technology for the bottles in order to facilitate the transaction in a single step.”

Heads and Hands is based in St Petersburg where it designs digital interfaces, web projects alongisde social media and mobile apps.

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