William Shatner, Ed Sheeran & Mariah Carey join celebrities-only Facebook Mentions app

Celebrity Facebook users have rushed to join a new tool with which to reach the wider public, following a trial of the social network's Mentions service in the US.

Amongst the first to sign up to the app, which will be limited to a ‘few thousand’ members, were singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran, retired starship captain William Shatner and Arianna Huffington, founder of the Huffington Post.

A spokesman for Sheeran cast doubt on the stars continued use of the system when speaking to the Sunday Times however, saying: “He did not know this was such a bonkers system. He just wants to talk directly with his fans as he can on Twitter. We shall see if he keeps using it.”

Shatner meanwhile complained that the app ‘forced’ him to follow other celebrities signed up to the service.

Famous folk from out with the US won’t be excluded for long with Facebook planning to roll Members out internationally ‘in the near future’.

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