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Creative Showcase: Featuring 18 Feet & Rising, The Red Brick Road, Comité Studio and more


By Gillian West, Social media manager

July 28, 2014 | 23 min read

Welcome to The Drum Creative Showcase.

As always this section is dedicated to showing the best creative work and gives you, the reader, the chance to decide what we show within The Drum magazine.

You can vote for the work you like best, simply by clicking the 'Like' button beside the work, and the winner will be featured in the next issue of The Drum (20 August) in the Creative Showcase spread.

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18 Feet & Rising: National Trust '50 things to do'

Brand: National Trust

Title(s): 50 things to do

Agency: 18 Feet & Rising

Agency Website:

Creatives: Alex Delaney, Anna Carpen

Additional credits: Agency Producer: Russell Taylor

Strategic Business Lead: Kat Grenville-Jones

Account Manager: Danielle Stephenson

Production Company: Nice Shirt Films

Producer: Richard Martin

Director: Liz Murphy

DOP: Justin Brown

Post: Raised by Wolves

Colourist: Vic Parker @ Raised by Wolves

Sound: Sam Robson @ 750MPH

Media: Mindshare

Published: July 2014

Short rationale (optional): The National Trust has brought its '50 things to do before you're 11¾' to TV as part of the new integrated campaign.

The campaign encourages kids to get outside and develop a deeper connection to the natural world – a purpose at the heart of the National Trust and what they do.

The ads portray a life lived better outdoors; the boredom of staying inside over the summer but the fun, excitement and exuberance of kids when they play and explore outside.

The activities depicted are all taken from the 50 things to do before you’re 11 3/4 initiative.

They were shot at National Trust locations of Birling Gap & Box Hill.

BBH London: KFC 'Rodeo'

Brand: KFC

Title(s): Rodeo

Agency: BBH London

Agency Website:

Creative Director: Hamish Pinnell

Creative Team: Shelley Smoler, Raphael Basckin

Additional Credits: Strategic Business Lead: Sian Cook

Team Manager: Helen Campbell Borton

Team Director: Leo Sloley

Strategy Director: Ross Berthinussen

Strategist: John Jones

Film Credits

Producer: Natalie Parish

Assistant Producer: Adam Reid

Production Company: Academy

Director: Jeff Labbe

Executive Producer: Lizie Gower

Producer: Amy Appleton

DoP: Nicolas Balduc

Post Production: The Mill

Editor/Editing House: Joe Guest @ Final cut

Sound: Dan Beckwith @ Factory

Print Credits

Producer: Sarah Cox

Photographer: Tara Fisher

Typographer: Design

Published: July 2014

Short Rationale (optional): The campaign invites people to taste the adventurous spirit of the states that inspired the three new flavours - Texas BBQ, Sweet Missouri Mustard, and Fiery Kansas Chilli.

The film, created by BBH London, is based on the insight that KFC has the power to replenish, both physically and emotionally, ‘Rodeo’ tells the story of a real-life modern cowboy and his son.

Times may have changed, but the action-packed nature of their lifestyle hasn’t. The film ends with the line ‘Reward your taste of adventure with KFC’s Great American Bites.’

Media Arts Lab: Apple 'Stickers'

Brand: Apple

Title(s): Stickers

Agency: Media Arts Lab

Agency Website:

Additional Credits: Psyop

Published: July 2014

Dare: Post Office 'We're changing'

Brand: Post Office

Title(s): We’re Changing

Agency: Dare, London

Agency Website:

Creative Director: Sean Thompson

Creative: Nathan White, Ben Daly

Additional Credits: Radio Producer: Lou Ellis

Media Agency: Mindshare

Media Planner: Chris Cardew

Published: July 2014

Short Rationale (optional): Post Office has unveiled a fully-integrated marketing campaign to tell the nation how it’s changing to work around the lives of its customers. The campaign launched on Sunday 20 July, dominating the day’s print, outdoor, online, mobile, and radio media.

M&C Saatchi & Lida: Virgin Holidays 'Unleash your Mojo – The Caribbean has got it covered'

Brand: Virgin Holidays

Title(s): Unleash your Mojo – The Caribbean has got it covered

Agency: M&C Saatchi, Lida

Agency Website:,

Creative Director: Elspeth Lynn, Nicky Bullard

Art Director: Sara Pouri, Luke Boggins

Copywriter: Joanna Legg, Dan McCormack

Additional Credits: Planner/Social Media Strategy: Joe Beveridge, Adam Reader

Designer: Pam Mastro

Published: July 2014

Short Rationale (optional): M&C Saatchi and LIDA have created a series of online videos for Virgin Holidays as part of a social media campaign to launch its summer campaign entitled: “The Caribbean has got it covered.” The work aims to demonstrate the breadth of the Caribbean’s appeal by showcasing the variety of experiences on offer.

DigitasLBi: Somersby 'Refreshingly Real Reviews'

Brand: Somersby

Title(s): Refreshingly Real Reviews

Agency: DigitasLBi

Agency Website:

Creative Director: Abi Ellis, Group Creative Director

Art Director: Richard Morgan

Copywriter: Christopher McKee

Planner (Creative Agency): Gabriella Petter

Client Service: Vanessa Tout, Senior Account Director

Head of Branded Content: Mike Clear

Social data lead: Alex Georgiou

Creative Producer: Tobias Moellenbach

Community Manager: Kris Robb

Production Company: East City Films

Director: Lissa Blomley

Media agency: OMD

Published: July 2014

Short Rationale (optional): Somersby, the Carlsberg UK-owned cider brand, is launching a new series of films as part of a content and social initiative to raise brand awareness and create engagement online. The initiative was created in partnership with global marketing and technology agency DigitasLBi.

The …What? Refreshingly Real Reviews series features British comedian and 8 out of 10 Cats contributor Jake Yapp reviewing the topics and trends of the moment. In a series of films, Yapp offers a down-to-earth point of view that pokes fun at the (sometimes ridiculous) way we live our lives, with the first film in this burst is on the theme of CGI.

Other films will cover themes including beige food, modern music, box set bingeing and annoying app auto-updates.

The initiative aims to raise brand awareness and create an online buzz around the brand.

Comité Studio:Dosatres 'Brand Identity'

Brand: Dosatres

Title(s): Dosatres Brand Identity

Agency: Comité Studio, Barcelona, Spain

Agency website:

Art Director: Francesc Morata, Ibon Apeztegia

Published: 2014

Short rationale (optional): Dosatres is a Spanish company that connects and manages a wide network of creative and strategic business centres that help brands to discover the best way to grow and communicate.

Created by design Comité and based around the name "two to three" informed by the company's ability to broaden communicative opportunities and paths to growth, and the concept of moving from two to three-dimensional thinking - Dosatres' visual identity contrasts three typefaces, three coloured papers and a variety of images online.

The Red Brick Road: Suzuki 'Meant to be’

Brand: Suzuki GB PLC

Title(s): ‘Meant to be’

Agency: The Red Brick Road

Agency Website:

Creative Director: Matt Davis, Richard Megson

Art Director: Richard Megson, Tom Skinner

Copywriter: Matt Davis

Additional Credits: Media: the7stars

Client Services Director: Andrew Godley

Account Director: Phuong Hoang

Account Manager: Fiona Parson

Production Company: Partizan

Director: Traktor

Editing House: Final Cut

Editor: Edward Line

Sound: Patrick Rowland

Post: MPC

Published: July 2014

Short Rationale (optional): The campaign idea was born out of people’s reactions from research that Suzuki cars are significantly more appealing and more desirable than people expect.

So the campaign message is simple and confident: ‘You really must see one’. Suzuki Swifts are out there, and when you see one, you can’t help but be impressed.

The humorous 40 sec TV ad ‘Meant to be’ was directed by Traktor and broke on 28 July. It’s about a man who keeps missing good looking Swifts in increasingly hard-to-miss scenarios.

Fate lets him down, again and again, to an absurd degree until he comes face to face with it and succumbs to its charms. The ad concludes with the end line: ‘The Suzuki Swift. You really must see one’.

Pearlfisher: Just Enough of a (Very) Good Thing 'Pearlfisher creates a whole new language for single serving desserts'

Brand: Just Enough of a (Very) Good Thing

Title(s): Pearlfisher creates a whole new language for single serving desserts

Agency: Pearlfisher, New York, USA

Agency Website:

Creative Director: Hamish Campbell

Founder & CEO: Mike Branson

Founder & CEO: Jonathan Ford

Published: 2014

Short Rationale (optional): Pearlfisher has created the brand strategy, identity, packaging, and website design for Just Enough of a (Very) Good Thing, a new single serving desert offering for adults.

Just Enough of a (Very) Good Thing is an indulgent treat available in 6 mouth-watering flavors, including Key Lime, Chocolate & Vanilla, Tiramisu and Lemon Cream.

In a category where the design aesthetic is traditionally over indulgent and uses dark, sensual cues, the design for Just Enough of a (Very) Good Thing is purposefully light, imaginative and ingredient focused.

The illustrated logotype and packaging design emphasises the handcrafted and premium taste of the deserts.

This crafted feel is extended to the design of the website, allowing a seamless transition from one brand experience to another.

72andSunny: Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd 'Every day is day one'

Brand: Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd

Title(s): Every day is day one

Agency: 72andSunny Amsterdam

Agency Website:

Executive Creative Director: Carlo Cavallone

Creative Director: Paulo Martins

Writer: Lee Hempstock, Damian Isaak

Additional Credits: Lead Designer: Robert Teague

Designer: Renee Lam

Group Brand Director: Caroline Britt

Senior Brand Manager: Rebeccah Lowe

Brand Co-ordinator: Nicholas Rowland

Director of film Production: Stephanie Oakley

Film producer: Eline Bakker

Senior Business Affairs Manager: Madelon Pol

Business Affairs Co-ordinator: Sabina Gorini

Strategy Director: Stephanie Newman

Strategist: Nathan Manou

Director of Communications Strategy: Simon Summerscales

Junior Strategist: Daniel Asplund

Sound Design: Audio Post Facility: Wave Studios Amsterdam

Sound Supervisor: Alex Nicholls--‐Lee

Sound Design and Mix: Ed Downham

Audio Post Producer: Ben Tomlin

Production Company: Exit Films Melbourne, Smuggler London

Director: Mark Molloy

Exec Prod Exit Films: Corey Esse

Exec Prod: Emma Laurence

Exec Prod Smuggler: Chris Barrett

Exec Prod Smuggler: Fergus Brown

Producer: Martin Box

D.o.P: Greig Fraser

2nd Unit D.o.P/Underwater: Chris Bryan

Edit: Marshall Street Editors London

Editor: Patric Ryan

Assistant Editor: Elena De Palma

Edit Producer: S.J. O’Mara

Post Production: Glassworks Amsterdam

Lead Flame: Urs Furrer

Flame artist: Bob Roijen

Coulorist: Scott Harris

Executive Producer: Armand Weeresinghe

Music: Composition: Title: “Absolute Beginners"

Written by David Bowie

Published by Jones Music America (ASCAP) administered by ARZO

Publishing for North America and Jones Music America (ASCAP)

Administered for the World ex North America by RZO Music Ltd.

Master Recording: The Rumor Mill

Produced by J.Ralph

Co-Produced By Arthur Pingrey

Performed by: Angela McCluskey and Paul Cantelon

Published: July 2014

Short Rationale (optional):The film features everyone from seasoned pros, to ASP rookies; from youngsters just learning to surf to experienced surfers braving difficult new breaks; and makes the point that, whoever you are, no two days in surf are the same, and there’s always a new challenge ahead. ‘Every Day is Day One’ is an articulation of this ethos.

Beautifully shot, the film captures the adrenaline of doing something new for the first time, the film uses the simple act of breathing as its spine. Each inhale reflects the anticipation of facing a new challenge; each exhale, the exhilaration and relief in having overcome it.

The film champions not only the difficulty of the modern sport, but also its diversity. From frozen breaks in Iceland, to free surfing in Fiji; from a surf camp in India, to surfing in the suburbs of New York; we take a 140 second tour of the opening up of a one of today’s most dynamic sports.

This celebration of the accessibility of surf today is a fitting message from Samsung, the first non-surf brand to globally partner with the ASP.

Albion: eHarmony 'Camel'

Brand: eHarmony

Title(s): Camel

Agency: Albion

Agency Website:

ECD: Andy Cutbill

Associate Creative Director: Debs Gerrard

Senior Creative: David O’Sullivan

Additional Credits: TV Producer: Clare Sullivan

Strategist: Thomas Bunnell

Strategy Director: Phil Lewis

Managing Partner: Paul Jakimciw

Production Company: Generator Films

Director: Nick Jones

Producer: Laura Ruddock

Production Manager: Laura Jenkins

Edit: Stich

Post: Rushes

Sound: Jungle Studios

Published: July 2014

Short Rationale (optional): eHarmony, the brains behind the butterflies.

Geoff and his companion here are the same age and love long walks on the beach. For some sites this is enough to make them a match.

At eHarmony however, with our 29 measures of compatibility, we partner people on their behaviours, values, characteristics and, you know, the stuff that counts.

So, when you step out on an eHarmony date you know it will give you butterflies, not the hump.

RKCR/Y&R: Land Rover UK 'Can and Will'

Brand: Land Rover UK

Title(s): Can and Will

Agency: RKCR/Y&R

Agency Website:

Creative Director: Jules Chalkley

Art Director: Tim Brookes, Nick Simons

Copywriter: Phil Forster, Jules Chalkley

Photographer: Paul Murphy

Additional Credits: Agency Producer: Savana Jones-Middleton

Director/Production Co: Kevin MacDonald Rogue

Producer - Sophie Hernandez Weldon

Editor - Sam Rice-Edwards @ The Assembly Rooms

Post Production - Huss Hassani @ Big Buoy

Sound Design - James Saunders @ LFO Sound

Typographer - Lee Aldridge

DoP - Jaime Feliu Torres

Business Director - Nick Fokes

Media planning/buying – Mindshare

Published: 2014

Short Rationale (optional): Can and Will is a celebration of the spirit of defiance. The spirit that runs through the bold, the brave and the audacious.

It seeks to inspire people to act on that spirit and fulfil ambitions and dreams.

Whether it’s venturing in space, overcoming a disability or simply breaking a personal barrier. Simply put Can and will is the fuel that drives every Land Rover driver.

The campaign is focused around a series of content from real people each delivering an individual spirit of defiance. The TV promotes the long form content that is available at the campaign hub –

THINK Packaging: Beck's 'Boom Box – New Zealand Music Month'

Brand: Beck's

Title(s): Boom Box – New Zealand Music Month

Agency: THINK Packaging, Auckland, New Zealand

Agency website:

Creative Director: Mat Bogust

Art Director: Mat Bogust

Photographer: Gregoire Aubourg

Published: May 2014

Short rationale (optional): The brief contained the words "something music inspired" .... I replied, Boom Box. With some awesome extras of course.

St Luke’s: Knopka 'Spectral Girl'

Brand: Knopka

Title(s): Spectral Girl

Agency: St Luke’s

Agency Website:

Creative Director: Al Young

Art Director: Al Young, Polina Harkin

Copywriter: Al Young

Additional Credits: Planner: Dan Hulse

Business Lead: Jonathan Dale

Account Director: Olivia Wilmshurst-Smith

Agency Producer: Lucie Georgeson / Jessie Middleton

Media agency: Unruly

Production Company: St Luke’s Productions

Director: Simon Allen

Producer: Genevieve Simmers

Editor: Matthew McKinnon

DOP: Benoit Soler

Post-production/VFX/Grade: Golden Square & Nice Biscuits (telecine only)

VFX Producer: Ben Spalding

Colourist: Martin Southworth @ Nice Biscuits

Audio post-production: Ben Leeves @ Grand Central

Published: July 2014

Short Rationale (optional): St Luke’s have turned to their in-house production company to create 2 x 30” films to promote Knopka, a unique business service for Russian entrepreneurs. The service is the first in the world to combine financial services, accountancy, legal support and administrative support in a single online offering.

The creative concept was developed in collaboration with Michael Wolff and NB Studio.

Each spot features a ‘spectral’ girl who arrives mysteriously and talks to individual entrepreneurs. In one spot she suddenly appears in an office late at night and says, “you work too hard, you must have a horrible boss.” The entrepreneur replies, “I am the boss”, before the girl disappears again. The spots are designed to demonstrate Knopka’s understanding of the entrepreneur’s unique mindset.

Shot in Moscow, using Ballpark facilities company, the films were directed by St Luke’s in-house director, Simon Allen.

Safari Sundays: Carlsberg 'Carlsberg Limited Edition premium range ‘The Nordic Collection'

Brand: Carlsberg

Title(s): Carlsberg Limited Edition premium range ‘The Nordic Collection'

Headline and copy text (in English): Safari Sundays has designed Carlsberg’s Limited Edition premium range ‘The Nordic Collection'

Agency: Safari Sundays, New York, NY

Agency website:

Creative Director: Simone Fabricius

CCO: Damon Gorrie

Published: 2014

Short rationale (optional): Safari Sundays was challenged to design a range of bottles that celebrates the trademark.

Carlsberg hop leaf as well as the beer’s Danish heritage. Safari Sundays looked to Nordic landscapes and industrial design as their inspiration and translated these scenes onto the classic green Carlsberg bottles.

The end result is a sleek and modern styling that plays with both transparent versus opaque spaces as well as matte versus high gloss contrasts.

Safari Sundays’ Creative Director, Simone Fabricius, elaborates, “By inverting the brand colours and shifting to a nearly white bottle highlighted by green, it immediately makes a bolder statement.

White was the only natural color to fully convey refreshment, purity and premium qualities in this context.

We also celebrated the hop icon by allowing it to transform and fuse with the textures.”

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