Virgin Holidays shows off its Caribbean Mojo in new campaign by M&C Saatchi and Lida

Virgin Holidays is promising that “The Caribbean has got it covered” this summer, in its new ad campaign which looks to promote the variety of experiences on offer.

Part of a wider “Unleash your Mojo” campaign by M&C Saatchi and Lida, each digital video in the new creative represents a different Caribbean island, with a Caribbean cocktail slinger creating a cocktail recipe for each destination.

Aoife McDonald, media marketing manager at Virgin Holidays, said: “A good holiday should make you feel great, but only a Virgin Holiday transforms you – gives you back your mojo. What that means is different for everyone. This campaign encapsulates that sentiment perfectly by highlighting the variety of experiences, the cocktail of ingredients, which we can offer when people travel with us. Whatever the blend of your mojo, this campaign says we can give it to you.”

Retail POS, CRM, online banners and regional OOH all play part of the campaign, with copy suggesting that no matter what you enjoy on holiday - “Action Hero or Heat Seeker?” “Tropical Trekker or Romance-O-Holic?” – Virgin Holidays has you covered.

Elspeth Lynn, executive creative director of M&C Saatchi Group, added: “This next chapter in the ‘Unleash Your Mojo’ campaign continues to set Virgin Holidays firmly apart from its competitors. The videos expresses Virgin’s unique personality and it is a wonderful example of the integrated work we can create when the Group comes together over a shared campaign. Now to decide if I’d like a Grand Margarita from Mexico or a Rum Runner from Barbados!”