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Unilever searches for internet of things partners

Consumer goods giant Unilever is searching for multiple new partners as it looks to push the business forward and capitalise on the internet of things.

Via the Unilever Foundry, the company’s technology hub and mentorship arm, Unilever is looking for four new partners to create technology for smart bathrooms, smart ice cream cabinets, smart packaging and smart wardrobes.

Successful applicants will be given the opportunity to pilot their technology with Unilever, in exchange for $50,000 to fund the pilot, mentorship and other services.

Unilever said it is sees a “massive opportunity” to utilise its ice cream cabinets to engage with consumers, believes smart bathrooms can enable e-commerce, wants to incorporate innovative technology into its packaging solutions and to use digital wardrobes to help mums better use and manage their kids’ clothes.

Yesterday, as part of the foundry initiative, Unilever-owned brand Persil announced it would be promoting its new laundry capsule range via PlayCaptcha, a new ad format that replaces the distorted words used by Captcha for making online purchases.

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