UK readies music and movie anti-piracy campaign

An anti-piracy email campaign is being prepped in the UK which will warn those who consistently pirate film and music that the practice is illegal.

Set to begin next year, the campaign comes after the government brokered a four-year debate between internet service providers (ISPs), such as Sky and BT, and industry bodies representing music and film producers, the BBC reports.

Up to four emails per year will be sent out to those suspected of the illegal activity, however no action will be taken if the emails are ignored.

In addition to the government-backed Voluntary Copyright Alert Programme (Vcap) initiative, business secretary Vince Cable said the government would contribute £3.5m to an educational campaign, which will highlight legal ways to watch and listen to films and music.

"It's a difficult industry to pin down and it's also difficult to protect," he said. "But unless you protect it then it's an industry that cannot function."

BT, TalkTalk, Virgin and Sky have all signed up to Vcap with smaller ISPs thought to be joining next year.

According to Offcom 22bn music tracks are illegally downloaded per year.

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