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ABC Board to combine print and digital figures for regional publications

The ABC Board is set to make a ‘significant change’ to the way ABC data will be reported for regional publications.

From audit periods ending July 2014, regional publications will be able to report a combined print and digital edition figure on ABC regional publication certificates and in the published ABC regional publications report.

The board said the changes are part of ABC’s “vision” of giving buyers and publishers greater flexibility in the way they analyse and present ABC data across a growing number of platforms.

Jerry Wright, chief executive, ABC commented: “ABC is constantly innovating to meet the needs of the entire media industry and this agreement by the ABC Board is an example of that. As the prominence of new platforms increases, ABC remains committed to delivering industry-owned media brand certification across multiple channels.”

Under the new method, the combination of print and digital editions will be renamed ‘combined total circulation certificate’, with a full breakdown between print and digital copies shown as well as a statement of the total average number of print and digital edition bundles (if sold for at least 120 per cent of the full print price).

The changes come after the ABC last year gave publishers the option to choose their own reporting frequency (monthly, six monthly or annual) to suit their individual brands and advertisers.

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