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Ten tweets that sum up key takeaways from Content Marketing Show


By John McCarthy, Opinion Editor

July 17, 2014 | 7 min read

The Content Marketing Show kicked off in London today and for those unable to attend The Drum has pulled together some of the most retweeted takeaways from the day. Here are the ten tweets that defined content marketing during the event.

'Best Selfie Ever' from the show (Benjamin Van Leeuwen)

​1. Get value for money.

Andrew Davies, co-founder of Idio, hosted 'How do you measure content marketing? The $44nn question'.

He reinforced the fact that only half of the UK's content marketers feel their work is effective.

2. Content marketing should be inspired, and measured.

It's important to firstly connect with an audience and secondly quantify your success.

3. Quality content is required to connect with audiences.

Content for content's sake will provide no success, marketers should look to provide premium material.

4. Think like a journalist when creating content.

Larissa Hirst, content strategist at Red Rocket Media hosted 'How a journalistic approach and a magazine mindset improves brand content”.

She said content creators have to be sharper, using the journalist mindset to find a good story.

It's important to use quotes - they bring passion, kudos and weight.

5. Rely upon your brand's humanity to connect with audiences.

Hannah Warder felt that successful content forms a connection with the humans viewing content. Material should be tailored to engage a point of interest from viewers.

6. Content creation is like poker.

Andrew Tipp, digital content development manager at Suffolk County Council, hosted 'Why thinking like a poker player will make you a better content marketer'.

He stated how important it was to research your opponents, be flexible in your strategy and finally, to know when to hold ‘em and know when to fold ‘em.

7. Know your audience.

Content producers should have relevant data on the audience they are trying to connect with. When they don't have data, they should get it.

8. Humanise your brand.

Stephen Waddington, social media and digital director at Ketchum Europe, hosted 'Can a brand ever truly be social'.

He discussed how social brands are engaging audiences and not just communicating with them.

9. Push your organisation's boundaries.

Waddington also told content producers to be brave and challenge the limitations of their position in order to produce the best content.

10. Keep your viewers' attention.

Don't overstate how long you can keep a viewer focused on your content, be quick, be sharp and be clear.

The Content Marketing Show is an annual event which discusses the junction between social media, online PR, SEO & content strategy.

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