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Germany mulls return to typewriters in a bid to evade US eavesdroppers

Germany is considering the reintroduction of typewriters and the playing classical music during counter espionage discussions in a desperate bid to evade eavesdropping by the CIA and the NSA.

The antiquated technology could be set for a comeback as German politicians scrabble to identify a fool proof way of keeping their secrets, secret following a series of spying scandals which have rocked the country.

This follows disclosures from ex-NSA contractor Edward Snowden that his former colleagues had been snooping on German chancellor Angela Merkel’s phone. A senior |CIA official was also recently kicked out of the American embassy after allegedly receiving sensitive documents from two German officials.

German MP Patrick Sensburg told ARD television: “Of course we have to keep our internal communication secure, send encrypted emails, use encrypted telephones and other things, which I’m not going to say here.”

When presses as to whether intelligence officials had thought of binning their iPad’s and computers for the clunky, mechanical predecessors Sensburg said, ‘Definitely’.