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Universal Music UK partners with Znaptag to run in-image album campaigns

Universal Music UK has run a series of in-image advertising campaigns to promote its Monty Python Sings (Again), Viva! Brazil and Thrash Back albums.

Three different music campaigns have gone live through Swedish start-up Znaptag’s publisher network, which allows brands to place marketing messages within images on websites.

Universal has signed as the start-up’s first UK media partner.

Viva! Brazil, a collection of 22 Brazilian anthems, was promoted across sporting sites within photos from World Cup stories. Similarly, Thrash Back promoted the re-release of seminal albums from “the founding fathers of thrash metal” and was promoted in relevant images on music websites. Both campaigns directed fans through to iTunes for immediate purchase.

Universal Music UK, through TED@Mediacom, is also promoting the release of Monty Python Sings (Again) to coincide with the group’s ten-night run at The O2 in London, with the campaign prompting users to visit Amazon to purchase the album, from ads served directly within relevant photos.

Jo Daly, UK commercial director of Znaptag said: “We have loved working with TED@Mediacom and Universal Music UK in bringing our first UK campaigns to life. While we are incredibly confident of Znaptag’s ability to deliver great advertising and excellent performance, we were delighted that TED@Mediacom took the big step to be our first UK partner.”

Znaptag works by transforming static images on websites into "interactive properties" and are contextually matched to image content.