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Whisky giant William Grant and Sons raises a glass to Better Together campaign

Whisky giant William Grant and Sons has come off the fence to put its financial clout behind the Better Together campaign in the upcoming Scottish independence referendum.

The family owned distiller is believed to have stumped op a six figure sum for the no campaigners amidst fears that an independent Scotland would be unable to provide the same level of support as that currently offered by the UK government and its embassy of networks.

William Grant is famed for brands such as Glenfiddich, Grant's and Tullamore Dew, generating a turnover in excess of £1bn last year.

Overarching industry body the Scotch Whisky Association has thus far refused to show its cards in the debate although it is currently seeking reassurances from the pro-independence lobby as to the potential downsides of any split.

Confirming their largesse in a statement William Grant and Sons said: "We can confirm that the company has made these donations.

"We support the stance of the SWA over independence and would refer you to their recent statement that the Scotch whisky industry enjoys substantial support from the UK government and its worldwide embassy network and from lack of trade barriers within the EU."