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British firms lose £46,815 per year due to negative online content

Bad reviews, malicious comments and misjudged social media posts can all damage a firm’s digital reputation and commercial value, research from Igniyte has found.

According to the Reputation Report, which questioned 500 business owners and high decision makers to consider issues relating to company online reputation, three quarters of businesses believe negative content online is now their number one business worry.

The report also discovered that one in five business leaders are unhappy with the way they are portrayed in their Google page, while only a third of bosses felt they had all the skills they needed to keep their company’s online reputation up to scratch.

The content wiped out sales and company value - prompting average losses of £46,815.

Of those who hadn’t been affected yet, a third (31 per cent) worry they will be in future, while one in five revealed that tackling negativity has become the main focus of their online strategy - ahead of winning new followers, generating sales or raising brand awareness.

Negative media coverage is also an issue for 17 per cent, while one in ten have suffered because of critical or offensive social media posts.

This ‘bad’ content comes in many forms; negative comment created by competitors was the most damaging, creating a problem for 43 per cent, followed by malicious postings from disgruntled former employees (affecting 42 per cent).

Poor reviews also cause problems for 41 per cent of businesses, while almost a third (30 per cent) feel their online reputation has been affected by the online activity of existing employees.

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