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Royal Marines Commandos furthers 'State of Mind' messaging with national recruitment campaign

The Royal Marines Commandos return to TV screens tonight (Tuesday 1 July) with a national recruitment campaign created by WCRS.

In addition to running on TV the multi-channel campaign also spans online, cinema, social media and poster.

The 30- and 60-second spots were shot by RSA films’ Jonny Hardstaff and centre around a member of a drug cartel asleep at his post, his dreams are full of imagery conjured up by the tales he heard about the stealth, strength of character and skill of the Royal Marines Commandos, yet to meet one of these exceptional individuals he awakes to find that he is not alone and has in fact been arrested by the UK’s elite amphibious force.

Paul Colley, head of marketing, Royal Navy, said the agency had “came up with a great concept” and part of the recent pitch to retain the Royal Navy account.

He added: “As we looked to develop the State of Mind proposition the creative really came to life by highlighting the amazing skills and training that makes the modern Royal Marines but delivered in a really different way.”

WCRS creative director, Billy Faithfull, said: “As every Royal Marines Commando will tell you, it really is a state of mind, a glint in the eye, an attitude that separates them from other armed forces. We’ve always endeavoured to explore this state of mind in a narrative space, but in this case, a truly integrated campaign allows us to start that story in fantasy where it works best, in TV and Cinema, and continue it in documentary fashion online, giving these extraordinary men a voice, to express that state of mind in their own words.”

All of the advertising executions direct possible recruits to a new website developed by e3 which contains six online films produced by documentary film maker Max Fisher.

Andrew Green, commercial director at e3 commented: “The State of Mind campaign gives the Royal Navy’s new website the perfect opportunity to show what it can do & how it can support other channels as part of an integrated campaign.”

The communications strategy and media planning for the campaign was developed by MEC, who won the combined Royal Navy and RAF strategic communications and planning account in March.