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Cannes Chimera calling upon ‘the creative department of Earth’ to make the world a better place

The Cannes Lions festival is summoning ‘the creative department of Earth’ to help improve the world in an initiative launched by the Cannes Chimera and in association with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

The brief is to propose innovative communications concepts that can inspire Millennials - the largest, most interconnected, most technologically sophisticated generation in human history - to help eliminate global health and development problems.

The concept must increase Millennial awareness to global health and poverty and also offer them an avenue through which they can help. Up to 10 winners will receive a prize of up to £100,000 and have six months to make their project a reality.

Applications will have to fit these criteria: “The execution of your idea is realistic and achievable—you will need to present a prototype of your concept. Your idea has the scope to affect public perception on a broad scale. Your team has the capabilities, assets and talent needed to execute the proposed idea successfully.”

Philip Thomas, CEO of Lions Festivals, said: “Cannes Lions provides the ultimate springboard for this new brief. Key elements such as the 1,000 strong young creative delegation, dedicated TechTalks and Innovation Day, alongside the fact that thousands of the most creatively minded people in the world are in one place, combine to create an unbeatable environment from which to do this.

“The fact that they can take this and use it to change the world is an incredibly powerful concept.”

Tom Scott, director of global brand & innovation for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, said: “Millennials have an incredible opportunity to create long-lasting global change but we haven’t found enough ways to tap into their creativity and desire to make an impact on the biggest problems in the world.

“This competition will help us and the global health and development sector to partner with Millennials in ground-breaking ways.”

The creative brief is now available to view here along with further details on how to submit an entry. All entries must have been submitted online by 1 August, 2014.