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June 19, 2014 | 2 min read

Clever, classy, and expertly designed to make women everywhere covet the new GHD hairdryer. After all, if it's anything like their straighteners, it's bound to be good.

This spot is clever because it ratchets up tension... here are these beautiful, glamorous women; all with a secret... the little boy with the woman in the park provides echoes of The Omen, and the music adds a further palpable layer of intrigue and apprehension.

The furtive manner in which they act - when finally we see what they're doing - suggests they feel they're doing something morally wrong, as if the object were alive and people would be scandalised by their ruthlessness. This later invokes a sense that the Aura must be rare and exotic; something to be had at all costs; mysterious, illegal, possessed by the elite few.

It's classy because it all works superbly together: the direction, the production design, the wardrobe... the craft that's gone into the ad alone lets you know this is one great product. And a waiting list? Genius. Who'd have thought it would be all for a bloody hairdryer?

Creative Agency: The House Worldwide

Creative Director: Liz Gilmore

Creative: Emma Castagno

Managing Partner: Ben Stobart

Account Director: Jo Leek

Account Executive: Amy Miall

Planner: Chris Chard

Head of Production: Matt C Minor

Film Production: Wanda

Director: Leila & Damien De Blinkk

Producer: Bonnie Anthony

Executive Producer: Abi Hodson

Photography: Natasha Braier

Production Design: Anna Burns

Costume / Wardrobe: Cathy Edwards

Hair Design: Sam McKnight

Editor: Dan Sherwen @ Final Cut

Colourist: Aline Sinquin @ MPC

Sound Design: Dan Beckwith @ Factory

Composer: Ian Williams

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