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ITV to share match highlights and post-match commentary in ‘near live-time’ through Grabyo

ITV has signed a deal with Grabyo, the real-time video company, to share match highlights and post-match commentary clips from its live TV coverage across, Facebook and Twitter within seconds.

Brands will have the opportunity to sponsor the clips and extend distribution through promotional and campaign tools, with as Twitter’s Amplify.

“We’ve been working with sports formats for the last six months but we always knew that the World Cup would be the ultimate real-time format,” said Grabyo CEO Gareth Capon. “We’re expecting World Cup clips to drive very significant organic reach on their own but it will be fascinating to see how this is extended using promotional tools such as Twitter Amplify.”

Sky Sports used Grabyo to promote the Champions League last year, and the service will also be used at Wimbledon.