IAB Creative Showcase winners for May 2014: Tullo Marshall Warren for Durex, We Are Social for Panasonic and Mr President for Bacardi

By Gillian West | Social media manager

Tullo Marshall Warren(TMW)



June 11, 2014 | 6 min read

The winners of the IAB Creative Showcase for May 2014 have been revealed with the top prize awarded to Tullo Marshall Warren for Durex.

Second and third place goes to We Are Social for its Why DSLR Panasonic campaign and Mr President for Bacardi and the Bacardi Bat Beats.

Entries are accepted for the showcase each month from agencies across the UK, with further information available to view on the IAB website.

First Place: Tullo Marshall Warren for Durex 'Turn off to turn on'

On 29 March, Durex launched a movement that called on couples to realise just how their obsession with technology was leaving them totally disconnected from each other. Using Earth Hour as a platform, Tullo Marshall Warren created a series of Facebook posts and a short film to inspire change. The hour of darkness was the ideal time to call on couples to escape the screen and have fun in the dark. The brand wanted people to ‘Turn Off To Turn On’, and by utilising platforms including Facebook, YouTube and Twitter (the very platforms we’re all so obsessed with), it knew the message would be seen – and spread.The campaign was launched in 23 different languages, across 56 countries. In just two weeks the film posted on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter had a combined total of 85 million views – and topped the viral video charts. It was clear from the 347 million engagements that it was a pertinent choice of subject matter. The comment threads were buzzing with positive appraisal for the brand message. The campaign caught the attention of the industry and global media and there were 470 million PR impressions from radio, TV and press. But people didn’t just love the film, they loved the soundtrack too – so much so, that the full track was recorded and released on iTunes, Spotify and other popular music channels. At the end of the campaign period there were over 1.9 billion impressions from all over the world.

Second Place: We Are Social for Panasonic 'Why DSLR'

If you’re serious photographer, you need a big camera with a whopping lens, right? That’s the assumption many people make, so they buy a DSLR. Less bulky ‘mirrorless’ cameras aren’t even on their radar.We Are Social's job was to disrupt this purchase journey, drawing attention to Panasonic’s Lumix range.How? By listening.Looking into the top Google search queries revealed something very interesting: growing speculation about the future of DSLRs. The most popular search terms about DSLRs were overwhelmingly negative, with further probing revealing a great deal more debate, mostly on niche camera forums, buried far from the typical purchase journey.And so the strategy was born. For anyone thinking about buying a DSLR, We Are Social surfaced the genuine, overwhelming speculation about their future.The agency built whydslr.co.uk - a forum organised entirely around commonly asked search queries, curating the latest expert opinion from around the web. Then, through a comprehensive listening activity, we’re quick to point anyone considering a DSLR towards the forum. Top slots on Google Adwords were also purchased, pointing anyone searching ‘DSLR’ towards the latest evidence about their possible demise thanks to new mirrorless technology.This is just early days for a site that will last as long as the big cameras do. But after a couple of week there has already been over 2,600 inbound links to whydslr.co.uk pushing these up organic ‘DSLR’ search results. And after one month over 20,000 unique visitors to the site were recorded, without any paid media beyond adwords.

Third Place: Mr President for Bacardi 'Bacardi Bat Beats'

The campaign objective was to change perceptions of Bacardi amongst twenty-something men with Mr President demonstrating how Bacardi’s philosophy that “True Passion Can’t Be Tamed” by challenging the conventions of how music is made – a key passion point of the target audience.Mr President set the mission of making music out of the movement of bats (the Bacardi brand icon). It was a difficult undertaking: with a new piece of technology needing to be built in record time, and relying on the bats to make an appearance at dusk on the night.The live event took place at the famously epic and unpredictable natural phenomenon, the flight of bats from Congregation Bridge Austin.The film created shows how the project developed and how the track was made. It involved using a bespoke app which allows the user to interact with a series of composed sounds which are triggered by the bats movements. The live capture of the bats movements was streamed into a digital grid, with each quadrant triggering and affecting specific beats, pitches and tempos.The unique track from the experience was then digitally distributed, and a further remix (by DJ Craig Richards), will be distributed both digitally and in a limited vinyl edition of 500.The buzz generated from the activity has, so far, seen four million impressions on Twitter and had 165K video views. Influential lifestyle blogs and news sites, such as Fast Company, The Verge, Stupid Dope & High Snobiety covered the project positively, giving Bacardi some serious kudos.Engagement with the content on Bacardi social channels was 60 per cent higher than average for these channels, with organic reach seeing a three-fold increase on Facebook.Comparing the three weeks around the live event with the three weeks prior to the activity, online conversation around Bacardi AND ‘bats’ increased by over 200 per cent, showing that a stronger association is being formed. As the brand icon, this demonstrates a shift where Bacardi represents more than just a liquid.The activity is genuinely helping Bacardi to gain positive sentiment among consumers who wouldn’t usually consider the brand as demonstrated in comments on the video: “This is beyond amazing, I may have to give Bacardi another chance just for making this happen” and “This is cool!” [posted by a Music Editor].

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