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Department for Transport confronts road safety's biggest issues in new Think! poster initiative

The posters confront some of the biggest issues facing road safety

The Department for Transport (DfT) has confronted some of the biggest issues facing road safety with a new Think! poster campaign created by AMV BBDO.

Running from this week (Monday 9 June), the posters will be distributed to road safety officers nationwide, supporting their local education activities for years to come.

The DfT tasked AMV BBDO to deliver its long-standing road safety messaging in a new and engaging way, leading the agency to create thought provoking visuals to challenge people to reconsider what they see and how they behave on the road.

One execution looks at motorbikes and how easy it can be to miss bikers when driving, another uses emoticon text speak to target a younger audience and highlight the dangers of using a mobile phone on the road, the third creative looks at the issue of driving tired, showing a girl apparently sleeping in her bed but on closer inspection is unconscious on an airbag instead.

Two further executions focus on the importance of seatbelts and driving at the appropriate speed for the road.

In addition to road safety officers, the posters will be handed out to stakeholders, local councils, police officers and schools in advance of Road Safety Week (17-23 November 2014) and are available to download from the Think! online shop.

The work will also appear in traditional media.

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