Cannes Oracle Predictions: WPP to outperform Omnicom in Film Lions

WPP is 77 per cent likely to outperform Omnicom in this year’s Film Lions category the Cannes Oracle has predicted ahead of the awards being announced next week.

The Oracle, created by digital agency Decoded, will use machine learning, a technique that analyses data to extrapolate and identify correlations, to predict the winners each day.

Other predictions by the Oracle today (Monday 9 June) have included Diageo being 59 per cent likely to outperform Heineken, the UK being 82 per cent likely to outperform the US in the Cyber Lions and a 66 per cent chance that Argentina will outperform Brazil in the Film Lions.

North America is also expected to outperform South America in the Radio Lions with an 86 per cent chance.

When shortlists are announced each morning next week, Decoded will use data from the last 10 years of Cannes Lions, combined with insights and data from Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest and through the Oracle portal to outline their predictions before winners are announced.

This year’s Cannes Lions will begin on Sunday 15 June.

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