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Rebecca Waring

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Les Seifer

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Kellogg's 'Storybook' seeks to remind consumers of the cereal brand's origins in master brand campaign

The Kellogg ‘master brand’ is placed front and centre in a new campaign designed to communicate the quality of its food credentials and remind people of the quality of the brand.

Working with director Yves Geleyn, famous for John Lewis’ ‘Bear and Hare’ Christmas commercial, creative agency Leo Burnett has devised the ‘Storybook’ using the motif of a children’s pop-up book to take the viewer on the ‘seed to spoon’ story.

Told in reverse, the ad opens with a family enjoying breakfast and ends with the grain being sown at a farm.

Paper cut illustration, created by paper artist and engineer Mandy Smith, features in the ad and utilises both classic 2D animation along with current day methods.

“The “Storybook” TVC is the first milestone on our journey to remind people about the origins of our cereals while leveraging the strength of the Kellogg brand to reinvigorate the category and reaffirm our position as a leader and trusted authority on breakfast,” remarked Vikki Brunning, marketing manager at Kellogg’s.

The ‘master brand’ campaign is driven by a series of long-term operational initiatives within Kellogg Europe to uphold the brand’s quality credentials and its longstanding leadership and commitment to hunger relief, including ‘Origins’ which works with farmers across Europe to produce the best quality wholegrains whilst preserving the habits where they are grown.

‘Breakfast for Better Days’, Kellogg’s hunger relief programme, and ‘Love Your Cereal’ also form part of the brand’s on-going innovation strategy.

PR, digital and social media along with media partnerships with Trinity Mirror and Bauer will support the activity.