Unilever’s Indian mobile entertainment channel reaches 60% of non-TV households

Unilever’s free, on-demand, media and entertainment channel, which launched seven months ago across the rural states of Bihar and Jharkhand, now reaches 60 per cent of the non–TV households in these areas.

The channel, Kan Khajura Tesa, which was created to tap into the “key” growth market of rural India, works by combining radio with the mobile phone due to the absence of TV, print and radio in homes.

Kan Khajura Tesa is accessed when a consumer gives a “missed call” to a given number. The consumer then receives a call in return, receiving personalised, relevant and contextual content through a DJ, which includes movie clips and Bollywood songs and jokes, interspersed with brand communication from Hindustan Unilever.

Unilever said that the channel has gained over nine million subscribers, with a consumer base growing at an average of 35,000 daily. Its ads have been heard 85 million times.

The consumer goods giant has begun to build on the platform, channelling Kan Khajura Tesa to other regions in India and offering free Talk time rewards for the listeners. Unilever is hoping to roll out interactive features like voice capture and time-based, user-based customised content.

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