Ad of the Day: Ikea - The Terrace

This spot for Ikea out of Italy is very different to the ads we're used to. There's very little of the product on display, and nothing at all of the über-cool energy and dynamism that propels the campaigns we see along. That isn't a criticism, however, as this is simply very low key and sweet - you know the one thing the boy will remember about his visit to the little girl's apartment (aside from the cake, of course) is the novelty of the Ikea light he turns on as he passes.

Creative Agency: Auge Headquarter (Milan)

ECD: Federica Ariagno / Giorgio Natale

Creative Director: Williams Tattoli

Creative: Federico Grassi / Niccolò Bossi / Anita Rocca

Senior Producer: Silvia Cattaneo

Film Production: Mercurio Production

Director: Erik Van Wyk

Producer: Annalisa de Maria

Executive Producer: Luca Fanfani

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