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The Drum

Real Madrid striker Cristiano Ronaldo tops the social buzz ahead of Champions League final

Real Madrid striker Cristiano Ronaldo is the most-talked about player ahead of tonight’s UEFA Champions League final between the club and Spanish rival Atletico Madrid, while Indonesia has topped the list of countries generating the most social buzz.

Buzz: Cristiano Ronaldo

The research from Adobe showed that 120 countries showed social activity in the run up to the game to win Europe’s top prize, and Indonesia accounted for 22 per cent of mentions, ahead of Spain at 12 per cent, the UK with nine per cent and the US and Venezuela with five per cent.

Mark Zablan, president of Adobe EMEA, said: “The Champions League final and the upcoming World Cup offer marketers around the globe the chance to capitalise on what is shaping up to be a record level of mobile video and social media activity as fans and foes pick up smartphones to catch up and comments on the teams online.

“Analysing social media ‘buzz’ data is a perfect way for marketers to identify new opportunities. Following ‘mentions’ quantifies the huge worldwide appeal of what some marketers might just consider a regional event. This is a great justification for expanding the use of social and mobile marketing in a business strategy.”

Adobe monitored 4.5 million mentions of the Champions League final match, which will be played in Lisbon, across Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, Pinterest, VK, Reddit, Disqus and blogs during May.

It found that Real striker Ronaldo averaged 36,425 mentions a day, nearly double that of Atletico’s Diego Costa at 20,908. Ronaldo’s team mate Gareth Bale managed only a quarter of the number of mentions of Ronaldo.