Bite Global's head of content claims Content Pollution becoming 'a genuine problem'

"Content pollution is a genuine problem" according to Bite Global's head of content, Mike Harvey as a result of the 'explosion' of online platforms and the content they need to produce to draw an audience.

Speaking at the recent 'Stop Content Pollution conference' held by Bite, Harvey claimed that companies has begun to "pour content at audiences, customers and consumers" in an "abandon free-form" manner.

"It means that people's feeds and inboxes - all those posts, blogs and tweets, they're filling up peoples lives. A lot of that content is un-targerted, it's simply pollution. It's getting in the way of people getting stuff done and it's not adding any value," he continued before offering his own personal solution.

Also speaking at the event was Buzzfeed's Will Hayward who discussed how difficult content creation had begun in terms of finding and audience and Lord David Puttnam who expressed his concern over commercial media strategies diluting news content.